Bridal Showers for Brides Over 40

Showers for brides over 40 often differ from those geared toward brides in their 20s and 30s. The younger a bride is, the more likely it is that she needs dishes, rugs, and other items for a new home, and will be entertained by typical bridal shower games. In contrast, brides over 40 tend to have household items and more sophisticated tastes, but they still want a fun party.

Here are five ideas for bridal showers for a woman older than 40.

Stock-the-Bar Shower

Picture a cocktail party where you give gifts to one person, and you have the concept behind a stock-the-bar shower. Gift ideas include shakers, wine openers, fancy cheeses, and fine liquors. If you’re hosting, you’ll need a music playlist, cocktails, champagne (or wine), and sophisticated hors d’oeuvres such as baked brie with pecans. Use tastings or mixology instruction from a bartender to take the place of shower games. Drink recipes or wine glasses can substitute for party favors.

Green Shower

Is the bride environmentally conscious? If so, a green shower may be just the thing. Best of all, a green shower doesn’t mean skimping on elegance. Start with invitations on recycled paper using soy ink. Send guests home with gifts of seedling packets or soy candles. Contract with a caterer who focuses on organic ware, and talk with local bakers about providing vegan treats. The shower can take place in any of a variety of outdoor settings, from a waterfall you have to walk to, to the bride’s favorite nature setting.

Tasting Shower

If the bride is a wine-lover but you’re not sure a stock-the-bar shower is her thing, try a tasting shower. This theme also works for lovers of microbrews, cheese, and chocolate or gourmet foods and liquors. One option is to consult with a professional gourmet service to provide catering, and ask guests to bring glassware or cookware as gifts. Alternatively, request that guests bring savory items such as ham or truffles to challenge the bride’s taste buds.

Charity Shower

In a charity-themed shower, attendees bring a monetary or item donation to go toward the bride’s (or the couple’s) favorite charity. This works especially well for older brides because they’ve built up social awareness and their household is likely already stocked with the usual shower gifts. You can take the idea even further and have part of the shower be volunteering–in a soup kitchen, for example.

Active Shower

Is the bride athletic or adventurous? Think skiing, hiking, camping, yoga, rock climbing, or surfing. Gun ranges, mountainsides, ski lodges, and campgrounds are great shower locations for an energetic bride. You can stay in town or go big, faraway, and exotic.

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